Town Hall Recap: December 27, 2013

Our last Town Hall meeting for 2013 was full of positivity as we reflected on our accomplishments the past year. We have the whole team to thank for our success in 2013, but we took some time to show our appreciation for specific individuals and departments for their efforts.

Itamar and Clayton leading the TrueLogic’s Town Hall Meeting on December 27, 2013

Positive Feedback and Shout-Outs

We thanked all the Editors, Content Fulfillment Specialists, and Writers who make up the content team for all their hard work throughout the year. The content department also thanked our General Manager, Bernard, “for all the support, love, and laughs he shares with us all the time.”

Business Development Manager Mark Dennis thanked all the departments for all their hard work and help as they modified our business processes, and said that “clients are increasingly sending back more positive feedback on all levels.” He also thanked Gerrick, a member of the night shift web development team, for his help with a client’s request.

One of our shift managers, Carla, thanked our OJTs for “helping out operations tremendously”, and Samantha (Webmaster), Mica (SEO Team Leader), and Chai (HR and Admin Assistant) for keeping our trainees updated all the time.

I personally thanked Bernard and our CEO, Itamar, for their unwavering support for our HRA programs and initiatives.

Birthday Celebrants

The TrueLogic birthday celebrants for December 2013

We wished all our birthday celebrants for the month of December a very happy birthday:

  • Jonas (Content OIC) – December 1
  • Paul (Webmaster) – December 3
  • Rex (Workforce Analyst) – December 6
  • Keno (HR Recruitment) – December 9
  • Joy (Web Content Writer) – December 20
  • Mitch (SEO Analyst) – December 22
  • Cesar (Jr. SEO Specialist) – December 24
  • Gaia (Web Project Manager) – December 25
  • Romnick (PPC Specialist) – December 25
  • Benji (SoLo Team Lead) – December 26
  • Camille (Web Content Writer) – December 29
  • Josef (PHP Developer) – December 30
  • Christine (Motion Graphic Artist) – December 31



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