True Idols 2016: TrueLogic Celebrates Major Milestone with Rockeoke Night

TrueLogic recently achieved yet another major milestone, and what better way to celebrate this achievement than do what we all love to do—sing our hearts out in a fun rockeoke night? Despite the heavy rain, the entire company came together on July 21 (Yes, a Thursday night!) at Handlebar Makati for the “True Idols 2016” event.

This jam night served as an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, reaffirm our commitment for the future, and of course, showcase our (hidden) musical prowess. Yes people! Truelogic employees don’t just work hard, we also know how to rock and party the night away!

TrueLogic Idols


Food and Music: A Perfect Combination

The band got things started with a few songs, while everyone enjoyed a sumptuous feast. The buffet table was filled with mouthwatering barbecued ribs, pasta, fruits, salad and more.

Band - TrueLogic

Veggies - TrueLogic

Chicken - TrueLogic

Fruit Salad - TrueLogic

Enjoying food - TrueLogic

While others chose to ignore the meal and went straight to the pool table!

HR and Admin - TrueLogic

Carlo on billiards - TrueLogic


Rockeoke: The Main Event

With the crowd in high spirits, a full stomach, and beer in hand, now it’s on to the main event. Talented TL employees hit the high notes and let their voices shine; Maya, Nathalie, and Leandie started the fun by singing the ABBA hit, Dancing Queen.

Leandie, Nathalie, Maya - TrueLogic

Pao grabbed the mic to sing a Guns N’ Roses classic—Sweet Child o’ Mine, followed by Jai from the Content department who impressively sang Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Project managers CJ, Will, Jill, Mike and Tisha, as well as Jaz, Andy, Arra, and Elie also took the stage. Even our very own CEO, Itamar Gero and General Manager Bernard San Juan shared their vocal talents.

As it is, “what an impressive bunch of talents” would be the understatement of the year, after hearing the uber talented employees of TrueLogic!

Pao- TrueLogic

Will - TrueLogic

Berns - TrueLogic

Others, including Itamar, played the guitar, bass, and drums.

Itamar - TrueLogic


True Idols 2016: A Pat on the Back

We’ve all had our noses to the grindstone the past few months, and the True Idols 2016 was a welcome break from all that. Plus, this rockeoke night was an awesome, fun way to pat ourselves on the back, and a great reminder that all of the hard work we’ve put in is worth it.

TrueLogic jamming - TrueLogic

Here’s to achieving more milestones—and more parties and jam nights for the books!

Do you also love to sing, play the drums or guitars? You too could join the fun in the nearest future. Check out our careers page now!


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